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Pimo The Oral Stimulator

Offering the hottest organic green chilli since 2013

-   ABOUT US  -

Rene Roberts-Patel, Owner of PIMO SA (Pty)LTD
Pimo Green 260ml

Pimo is the brainchild of René Roberts-Patel. After living in different parts of the world René has always loved concocting up different mixes of chilli until she found one unique blend, an authentic HOT and very tasty chilli sauce predominant in the Mauritian culture. 


It was a secret blend and no one was willing to share the recipe, but because of René's half Malay bloodline, it wasn't that hard to come up with something just as tasty, unique and authentic.


She started mixing different chilli's, added a few secret ingredients and after a few months,

PIMO  The Oral Stimulator was born.


Now obviously it was a matter of getting other people hooked on this amazing chilli as René and her husband Alpesh was. They would add this chilli to every single meal, from soups, salads they even used it on sandwiches! Crazy but true.

Slowly but surely all their friends and family got hooked on Pimo as well. They went on an introduced the Oral Stimulator to their friends, and as they say, the rest is HISTORY.


René has only made Pimo available in Johannesburg, but because of the demand, she has partnered up with the coolest new delivery company, who will ensure that the rest of South Africa also has the opportunity to taste Pimo!



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